Formerly submerged "LEMURIA லெமூரியா (KUMARI CONTENENT) remaining plateau called BHARATH-continent, later named as INDIA by Britishers, contributed many fine-arts to World, Bharatha Natyam, odissi, Kathakali, Kalari, TAMIL- Sitthar consciousness, Yoga, meditation, Siddha medicines, cosmic secrets by Tirumular by HIS Tirumandiram, astronomy, astrology, Kamasutras, vasthu, classical music, music instruments such as Veena, Flute, Tabla, Nathaswaram.
Feminine worship
Woman is the Initiatress(Pattu-Bairavi) the birth-giver, the evoker of pleasure of the Three Realms; the kind and compassionate One. As the object of the five senses, Woman is endowed with Divine form.
I am Shakti. I am Sacred. I am Sensual. I am Open. I am Fearless. I am Love.
Egoless sex is when you approach your partner with reverence. You see Spirit in a temple of beauty. Your heart worships in silence before you speak
You realize the sacredness of yours too. You open all the portals to your temple for your beloved to enter. In Tantra, all power sources from Shakti:
divine feminine life force energy. Woman is Sacred, the one Woman Loves is Holy.
I am Shakti. She who Dances in her Sacred Lotus Moon Power. Divine Love Dance of Shiva Shakti. Dance into oneness. Dance into Bliss. I Open my Wings to Sweet Ecstasy. I Open my Heart to Divine Love. I Open my Jeweled Lotus to Sacred Pleasure. “There is nothing in the universe more beautiful than my Yoni. My Yoni is the flower which contains within it the mystery of all existence.” "You are a Universe of Universes and your soul a source of songs." Woman’s body is a sacred temple. Within Her are held the secrets of the Universe.
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